Photo by Ferenc Horvath / Unsplash License

The pursuit of landscape and nature photos can lead you all over the world. There certainly are photo opportunities available in all types of landscapes, from rain forests to deserts to snow-capped mountains.

Islands are not only popular with tourists and travelers for beaches and fun getaways, but also for amazing scenery that is perfect for photographing.

While there are countless islands that are worth visiting, this article will cover seven different islands that would be an excellent choice if you are looking to plan an upcoming photography trip. Of course, there are plenty of others that could have been included in this list, but I think you’ll agree that all of these seven locations are truly spectacular.

1. Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is a paradise for landscape photographers. It is the largest island (more than 600 square miles) of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, lying to the northwest of the mainland. Fortunately, the Isle of Skye is easy to access thanks to a road bridge that connects it to mainland Scotland.

Photographers love the rugged, rocky landscape featuring the Cuillin (range of rocky mountains). The Isle of Skye is home to several specific points of interest that are ideal for photography, including Neist Point (shown in the photo above) and the Neist Point Lighthouse, the Old Man of Storr (a rock formation), the Fairy Pools, Fairy Glen, Mealt Falls and the Quiraing.

Like many locations, summer is the busiest time of the year on the Isle of Skye. Spring and Fall have smaller crowds, and during the winter some accommodations will be closed, but a winter visit can be ideal if you are looking for a time with the least number of visitors on the island.

Portree is the largest town on the island and many visitors choose to stay here. In addition to offering the best accomodations, Portree also features a picturesque harbor.

2. Kauai

Although all of the Hawaiian islands have plenty of beautiful scenery, landscape photographers will love what Kauai has to offer.

Kauai is home to Nā Pali Coast State Park, which features stunning cliffs that reach up to 4,000 feet (shown in the photo above). These rugged cliffs right next to the beautiful ocean are a sight that you won’t soon forget. The best views are available by boat (you can rent a kayak or take a tour) or helicopter. Although you won’t be able to get the best views from a car, the 11-mile hiking trail that leads to the coast is well worth the effort.

Waimea Canyon is another spot that you won’t want to miss. It is a 10-mile long canyon that reaches depths up to 3,000 feet. Thankfully, the views here are a little easier to access. Waimea Canyon Drive has several overlooks that are perfect for photography, or you can hike one of the trails in the area if you’d like.

3. Bali

Bali is a province of Indonesia, northwest of Australia. This beautiful island is popular with tourists and travelers for its amazing beaches, mountains, and forests. Getting to Bali isn’t a problem as international flights are readily available, and many cruise ships also stop in Bali.

Landscape photographers will find plenty to photograph, including lots of waterfalls and some caves. Bali is very mountainous, with peaks reaching well over 6,000 feet high. The island is also home to active volcanoes.

And while it may not fall under the classification of “landscape photography”, Bali is home to many stunning temples that are certainly worth photographing.

4. Corsica

Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea, located to the west of Rome. The island has multiple international airports and there are many ferries available as well. At more than 3,000 square miles, it’s a fairly large island with a lot to see and photograph.

Bonifacio, at the southern tip of the island, is a highlight that you won’t want to miss. The cliffs are the main feature that make Bonifacio an excellent place to photograph.

This mountainous island has plenty of beaches that are great for photographing or relaxing.

5. Crete

While this article covers islands all around the world, a similar list could easily be written to focus exclusively on the Greek isles. While there are many other Greek isles that are extremely beautiful and popular with tourists, Crete stands out from a photography perspective.

First of all, Crete is the largest of the Greek islands, so it has more land and therefore more possibilities than any of the others. Crete features amazing beaches, mountain ranges, and ruins that are all perfect for photography.

You can reach Crete by plane or ferry from many different places.

6. Malta

Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily. The island offers an interesting blend of cultures as it is located close to Italy and North Africa, and also was under British control until the 1960’s.

Although Malta is one of the most densely popular nations in the world, there is still plenty of open space that is waiting to be photographed. The coast is ideal for photography, although the famous Azure Window Rock Arch sadly collapsed a few years ago.

The port city of Valetta attracts many visitors (including those arriving on cruise ships), and the streets and harbor offer plenty of photographic opportunities, even if it is not nature photography.

You can reach Malta by plane, cruise ship, or by taking a ferry from Sicily.

7. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a popular Eastern Caribbean Island that is home to the Pitons, two mountains set near the sea. The Pitons are the most recognizable scene from St. Lucia and the highlight for many photographers.

Because St. Lucia is a very popular tourist destination, there are many flights available from the U.S., and getting around the island is relatively easy.