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Photography gear can be expensive, but there’s a large market for used gear. If you have gear that you rarely use, consider selling it. Selling photography gear is not complicated, and this article will cover the options you have and provide tips for a smooth selling process and getting the maximum payout.

Ways to Sell Your Used Gear

There are several ways to sell your used gear:

1. Selling on Your Own

You can sell your gear yourself through various online marketplaces:

Craigslist – The world’s largest classified website is ideal for selling photography equipment. You can create a free listing and reach potential buyers in your area. Although safety concerns and scammers are downsides to using Craigslist.

Facebook – Consider using the Facebook Marketplace or joining photography gear buy/sell groups. Posting on your personal profile may also attract interested buyers.

eBay – eBay allows you to potentially get the most money for your gear, but selling fees and the need for an established seller profile can be disadvantages.

Grid50 – This marketplace specifically caters to photographers, charging only a 3.5% fee on the sale price.

2. Selling to a Reseller

If you prefer an easier way to sell your gear, consider selling it to a company that specializes in reselling used gear:

Local camera shop – Visit a camera store near you that buys and sells used gear.

MPB – Get an instant quote from MPB by entering your gear’s details. If you accept the offer, ship the gear using the provided prepaid shipping label.

KEH – Similar to MPB, KEH offers quotes and provides free shipping labels for accepted offers.

Adorama – Adorama buys and resells gear, offering quotes and prepaid shipping labels.

B&H – B&H, like Adorama, buys and sells both new and used gear. They offer instant quotes to sellers.

3. Trading It In

Sell your gear through trade-ins, available at local camera shops or through reseller websites mentioned above. Consider factors such as your preference for trading or selling, as well as the price and availability of the item you want to purchase before deciding where to sell your gear.

Tips for Selling Your Used Cameras and Lenses